Young N Lovin' Teen: May 1979
by unknown


Anne Lockhart is the beautiful and vivacious daughter of actress June Lockhart, and she's quickly following in her mother's successful footsteps.

Anne is busy these days toying at romance with "Captain Apollo" as "Sheba" on Battlestar Galactica. It's her first series, but far from her first experience in front of a movie camera. That occurred when she was four years old. A friend of her mother's was producing a short film and needed a little girl.

"My mother explained what I would have to do and what the story was, and then asked if I wanted to do it," says Anne. Her reply: "Sure, great!" She recalls that she was always big on fantasy and make-believe, and was thrilled to get a chance to act and get paid for it.

Anne was just four when her mother began working on Lassie. Yet, "My sister and I never led the lives of professional children," Anne recalls. "My mother thought it was best for us to go to school and remain fairly uninvolved with that world, even though I always knew I wanted to be an actress. I did work once in a while, but it was always a special treat. On holidays, we would get to be extras in Timmy's classroom on Lassie."

Anne distinctly remembers the first lines she ever spoke on Lassie. "I played a girl named Susan, and my line was, 'I'll close the window.' It was a pretty big deal at the time!"

Besides occasional shots on Lassie, Anne also did a few commercials and some summer stock with her mother while she was growing up. She never actually took acting lessons, but claims she used the "earn while you learn" method. She also modeled some in her teens, "just to get the feel of it," and participated in a memorable school play during her senior year in high school in Arizona.

"The three leads in the play were David Matthau, Chris Lemmon and myself. When parents’ night came, there were my mother, Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon all sitting in the front row watching their kids in the school play!" she remembers.

Both Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon have the same agent, and when they went home they each decided to call the agent about Anne. When Anne returned home for Christmas vacation, the agent totally surprised her by calling and telling her he’d like to represent her.

She began working professionally as soon as she graduated from high school. She started with very small parts and worked her way up to her present role of "Sheba". Along the way, she was the young lady involved in Frank Hardy’s first screen kiss when she guested on The Hardy Boys.

June Lockhart has helped Anne’s rising career by offering large doses of support instead of pushy direction. It's a delight to hear Anne talk about her mother; because it's clear she respects and loves her very much.

Anne say's simply, "I'm very proud of my mother." June Lockhart is certainly equally proud of her talented daughter. What tips did her mother give the aspiring actress? "She didn’t give me any specific advice. She let me develop my own style," says Anne. "The main thing she gave me was teaching me to trust my instincts and know that there was a 'director' inside me whom I should listen to. Also, she taught me never to be afraid to experiment, to give something a shot. The worst that could happen is that it won’t work." What’s working for Anne is her career. Besides starring in Galactica, she recently completed the feature film Just Tell Me You Love Me, with Ricci Martin, Robert Hegyes and Lisa Hartman. She keeps a hectic schedule, but she loves it.

When the busy work-week ends, Anne may be found any number of places --visiting friends or family, camping, skiing or maybe just relaxing at home. But her heart is on the set, and it’s not long before she’s back where she wants to be-- in front of the cameras!