Year: 1958


Directed by: James A. Lebenthal

Starring: -

Anne's Character: Little Girl

Genre: Short / Live Action

Plot Summary: A tumbleweed is blown around the southwestern desert, through a small town. It interacts with the people and animals of the area until it takes on the stature of a character (The film is very reminiscent of The Red Balloon that way). At one point it falls into a trench where men are digging. There is a long pause and then it rockets straight up into the air. You know the men threw it out of their way, but by then it has taken on such a personal character role that you feel like it jumped out by itself. The end is a little sad, though, as it gets snagged in a fence line with a thousand other tumbleweeds. It struggles to get away but...

Notes: This is Anne's very first film appearence as a four year old girl.

The film only runs 18 minutes and director James A. Lebenthal was nominated for an Oscar for Best Short Subject, Live Action Subjects