Year: 1980

aka: Hawaiiian Heat


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Directed by: Tony Mondente

Starring: Lisa Hartman, Robert Hegyes, Lizabeth Lockhart, June Lockhart

Anne's Character: Kris

Genre: Comedy

Plot Summary: A young Ricky Wilson leaves the mainland for the good life of Hawaii. There he meets the beautiful Laurie who tries to scam him. They become attracted to each other, but Laurie is involved with a young surfer. Action, romance, and comedy are blended together as youth comes to grips with risking under the… Hawaiiian Heat.

Notes: Anne’s sister Lizabeth appears as the "Hotel Clerk". This is her only feature film appearance. June Lockhart also appears in this film as "Mrs. Taylor". The last time three Lockhart's have appeared in a film together was the original 1938 MGM classic A Christmas Carol that had Gene, Kathleen, and June Lockhart.