Walla Walla Union-Bulletin: November 19, 1976
by AP


GRANITE FALLS, Wash. (AP) - The Corner Bar in this Western Washington town will be the site of a brawl this weekend involving Alaska pipeline workers and the offspring of four movie stars.

Regardless of how bloody and viscious the fight may seem, it will be carefully choreographed and staged as part of the filming of a movie called Joyride.

Work on the film has been underway since the first of the month within a 40-mile radius of Seattle.

It stars Desi Arnaz Jr., Bobby Carradine, Melanie Griffin and Anne Lockhart.

Arnaz is the son of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz; Carradine the son of John Carradine; Miss Griffin is Tippi Hedren's daughter and Miss Lockhart the daughter of June Lockhart.

The film focuses on the search for jobs and big money on the Alaska pipeline, but ends with a robbery, kidnapping and high speed car chase.

Filming in King and Snohomish counties will take four weeks.

The mining town of Roslyn will serve as a stand-in for the Alaska oil town where the robbery takes place. Mt. Rainier will be used for snow scenes, suburban Seattle will represent Los Angeles and Woodinville the Midwest.

Besides the production crew, eight local production workers, 50 bit actors and about 200 extras for crowd scenes have been hired.

The crew filmed water pipes along a road near Everett as part of the Alaska pipeline background.

"In the fog last week it was perfect," one of the co-producers of the film said.

The movie is scheduled for summer release.