Teen Magazine: April 1980
by unknown


Actress Anne Lockhart has the usual concerns about her hips and things, but an unusual way of taking care of them: belly dancing.

"Contrary to what most people think," she says, "the entire dance takes place in the area between your knees and waist, not in your stomach. You support your entire body with your thighs - they get to be like rocks! I studied ballet for eight years, so I had to unlearn everything I'd been taught when I took up belly dancing. Instead of keeping your stomach firm, you let it relax."

Once a week, Anne really gets into this exotic exercise, donning veils, halter top and a long, sexy skirt. "It's usually done to Middle Eastern music, but disco works fantastically too!" she says.


Anne Lockhart

Anne Lockhart


For times when she's just relaxing at home watching TV, Anne does this simple exercise for thighs and bottom. Sit on the floor with your knees bent and as close to your chin as possible. Put your arms behind you, hands on the floor for support. Now just rock from side to side.

At 5'6"and 116 lbs., Anne claims to eat more or less whatever she likes. "Some girls feel you can't be too thin. Well, I found out that I can, and then I don't look pretty, I look anorexic," she says, adding that "guys don't like you too skinny. Remember: only a dog likes bones!"

Ever so, her diet is light. Mornings she downs a protein drink, and that's usually it until dinner. "If I were to eat a big, hearty breakfast like eggs, bacon and toast," she says, "I'd want to sleep for the rest of the morning!"