Season 5, Episode 16
Date: 2/8/1997



Directed by: Chuck Bowman

Starring: Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Chad Allen

Anne's Character: Maureen Quinn

Genre: Drama / Family / Western

Plot Summary: When Colleen, who is working on a college paper, asks Dr. Mike to recall her most memorable case, Dr. Mike looks back on the five turbulent years she's lived and loved in Colorado Springs. As they sit with Andrew, who is mysteriously ill at the clinic, Dr. Mike reminisces about her tumultuous career -its successes and its failures- and realizes how many divergent cases she as seen and treated.
When Andrew's condition takes a turn for the worse, Dr. Mike warns Colleen about the fine line between emotional involvement and professional detachment, an issue with which she has long struggled in the frontier town that's now her home.

Notes: This is Anne’s second appearance in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, although this episode only shows reruns scenes from the other episode Anne was in. She also appeared in “Where the Heart Is”, Season 2 Episode 6.

Jane Seymour also starred as "Serina" in Battlestar Galactica.