Season 2, Episode 6 (2hr. special)
Date: 11/20/1993


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Directed by: Chuck Bowman

Starring: Jane Seymour, Joe Lando, Chad Allen

Anne's Character: Maureen Quinn

Genre: Drama / Family / Western

Plot Summary: Mike receives an emergency telegram from her sister Rebecca -- her mother is gravely ill. Mike rushes to Boston to her mother's side, the Cooper kids in tow, where Dr. Mike and her "roughhewn" children are met with raised eyebrows by Dr. Quinn's own family. While consulting with Elizabeth Quinn's attending physician, Dr. Mike meets a handsome and progressive doctor, Dr. William Burke. Dr. Mike's prognosis of her mother (hepatitis) differs with Mrs. Quinn's doctor, Dr. Hanson, who diagnoses cancer. Dr. Burke, however, believes Dr. Mike may be onto something. They have a lot in common and develop a strong mutual admiration for each other. They work together to cure Mrs. Quinn and some of Dr. Burke's other patients. Meanwhile, Matthew chafes at being stuck in Boston away from Ingrid, while Colleen appreciates the learned and cultured atmosphere and Brian adores the candy stores. Just when everyone has settled comfortably into the Boston routine, Sully shows up, unannounced, just in time for a formal family dinner.

Sully, having done what his recurring dreams about the city seemed to suggest, arrives in Boston and discovers that he's facing worthy competition for Mike's affection in the form of Dr. William Burke. Sully at first settles uncomfortably into Mike's Boston surroundings, but later, with prodding from the kids, submits to a grand makeover. Later, Sully romances Mike with dining and dancing, even attending an opera together. At an all-male medical society, Dr. Burke steps aside so that Mike can present a paper on Indian medicine, while Sully looks on. Afterward, Sully overhears Dr. Burke proposing marriage to Mike. Struggling with fighting for the woman he loves or resigning himself to being alone, Sully must take the advice of some very wise friends before he realizes his true path. After confessing his love to Mike and watching her walk away, he heads back to Colorado. In the end, Mike declines Dr. Burke's marriage proposal and Mike and the kids return to Colorado, where Dr. Mike returns Sully's declaration of love with a vow in kind.

Notes: This is Anne’s first appearance in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She also appeared in “Colleen's Paper”, Season 5 Episode 16, although that episode only shows reruns scenes from the this episode.

Jane Seymour also starred as "Serina" in Battlestar Galactica.