Season 2, Episode 6
Date: 10/19/1978


Anne Lockhart as Ann Booth

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Directed by: John T. Patterson

Starring: Edward Winter, Caskey Swaim, Olan Soule, Marie Windsor

Anne's Character: Ann Booth

Genre: Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Plot Summary: The United States Airforce sends Captain Ben Ryan and Staff Sergeant Harry Fitz to Utah to investigate UFO sightings by Roy Layton. Roy is adamant that what he sees is real, risking his career with his claims. His girlfriend, Ann Booth, tries to convince the military that her boyfriend really has seen UFO's. After studying the scene of the alleged landings, they determine that the images were caused by double inversion clouds, which reflected the image of a passing train from the sky. But when another witness sees the same apparition in a completely different location, the audience is left to wonder what actually occurred.