Screenheroes Interview
GALACTICA.TV website: September 23, 2005
by Mike Egnor and Marcel Damen

The Queen Of Sheba
TV Zone Special (UK) #35: October 1999 (pp. 30-33)
by David Bassom

The Living Legend
DreamWatch (UK) #53: January 1999 (pp. 48-53)
by Paul Simon

Another Universe Interview website: 1998
by unknown

Galacon Q&A
Galacon (Norfolk, Virginia): May 1986
ANOMALY 9: 1986 (published copy)
by Susan J. Paxton

Anne Lockhart: From Battlestar Galactica to Knight Rider
Media Sight #4: Winter 1983
Cincinnati Q&A, with additional questions by Geoffrey Schutt

TV show stars parent-child duos
Chicago Daily Herald: February 4, 1981
by Bob Thomas

Stars in Action
Teen Magazine: April 1980
by unknown

Maren Jensen, Laurette Spang, Anne Lockhart
Photoplay Vol. 93, #5: July 1979
by Stephen Schaefer

Anne Lockhart
Young N Lovin' Teen: May 1979
by unknown

Latest Lockhart puts career into orbit as Battlestar's Sheba
Winnipeg Free Press: February 2, 1979
by Tom Jory

Fourth Generation Actress Traces Trail to Stardom
Van Nuys Valley News: November 27, 1977
by Kirk Honeycutt

Angry Angie Raps Rumors
Fresno Bee: September 26, 1976
Excerpted from Chicago Daily News article

Four generations are performers
TV-Entertainment Review: November 22-23, 1975
by unknown

Dieting Habits of Some of the World's Most Beautiful Actress-Models
Family Weekly: November 4, 1973
by Helen Dorsey

June's daughter a lovely lassie
The Independent, Long Beach, CA: July 9, 1972
by Bob Martin

Descent from John Coates Lockhart
The Independent, Long Beach, CA: July 6, 1972
by Vernon Scott

Unusual Pair Named for New Travel Film
The Independent, Pasadena, CA: May 5, 1958
by Vernon Scott



‘Richard III’ opens Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival
Sim Valley Acorn: July 8, 2005
by unknown

Local women form bonds in friendship
The Acorn: June 2, 2005
by Sophia Fischer

Local residents reflect on charismatic pope
Thousand Oaks Acorn: April 7, 2005
by Sylvie Belmond

‘A Christmas Carol’ brings home family tradition
Thousand Oaks Acorn: December 9, 2004
by Sylvie Belmond

Shaping a career with body-building
Muscle & Fitness Vol. 42, No. 9: September 1981 (pp. 37-39)
by Bill Dobbins

Martin to star in ad spoof
Syracuse Herald Journal: September 28, 1980
by unknown

Stars' offspring to brawl in bar
Walla Walla Union-Bulletin: November 19, 1976
by AP

Three Are Signed For 'Hallmark' Show
The Modesto Bee: May 13, 1973
by unknown

Another Lockhart
Times Recorder: February 11, 1972
by unknown

TV Promotion Brings Results
Sunday Times Signal, Zanesville Ohio: March 1, 1959
by unknown