Syracuse Herald Journal: September 28, 1980
by unknown


Steve Martin will take a wild and crazy romp through the world of commercials in All Commercials Tuesday at 10 p.m. on SWTM-TV. The show features spoofs and parodies of products, from "Truman Capote jeans" to "Schnitzel Malt Liquor beer."

Robert Klein guest stars and is joined by Louis Nye, Anne Lockhart, Avery Schreiber, Antonio Fargas, Julie McWhirter Dees, Julann Griffin and Paul Reubens. The Dire Dirt Band performs in a musical interlude.

Martin cavorts as Morris the Cat in a "nightclub act" paying posthumous tribute to the beloved finicky feline. As Emmet Kreisel, a used car dealer hooked up to a crude lie detector machine, he sports a plaid suit and mustache and promises easy credit. Strolling down a supermarket aisle with Anne Lockhart, he reveals shocking preferences -stuffing to potatoes- in a TV survey. Martin and Antonio Fargas demonstrate an unusual way to save face at business meetings.

The entire cast is featured in a behind-the-scenes look at an ad agency's campaign and commercial for "Okra Cola"; Avery Schreiber, as Orson Welles, lends prestige to a familiar commercial; Louis Nye is Lee Cockamamie of Crassier Motors and Dr. Robert Zinger, a semi-authority promoting his books, "Winning Through Humiliation" and "Kill, If You Have To."

Julie McWhirter Dees is hard-as-nails in a spoof of a familiar perfume commercial. Anne Lockhart is pristine, promoting "You Know" feminine hygiene spray. And the pair join forces in a TV promo for "Emergency Room Cheerleaders."

Martin takes a walk through the Commercials Hall of Fame; presents the Best Foreign Commercials and foreign adaptations of American commercials.

Marty Klein and Ken Suddleson are the executive producers for Martin's 40 Share Productions.