Season 1, Episode 10
Date: 2/12/1981


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Directed by: Lawrence Doheny

Starring: Tom Selleck, John Hillerman, June Lockhart, Larry Manetti, Scatman Crothers

Anne's Character: Diane Westmore

Genre: Action / Adventure / Crime / Drama / Mystery

Plot Summary: Magnum is hired by a Supreme Court nominee to find the woman he married forty years ago, in 1941, on the eve of the raid on Pearl Harbour. He was a young Navy Ensign, she was a prostitute, and after their marriage they subsequently became separated in the bombings, with the Judge presuming her dead - until recently, after he has started receiving blackmail threats relating to an incident forty years ago. Magnum's investigations into the case are helped by the fact that Higgins wants a favour, and is being overly nice and co-operative in return.

Notes: Anne Lockhart and her mother June play the same character (Diane Westmore) in this episode. Anne appears as Diane during flashbacks the night before the attack on Pearl Harbor. June appears as the current version of Diane. This sharing of roles will be repeated again in the 1985 movie Troll.

This is Anne's first appearence in Magnum, P.I. She also appeared in "Flashback", Season 3 Episode 6.

The cast and crew of Magnum, P.I. include creator Glen Larson, creator/executive producer/writer Donald Bellisario, actor Larry Manetti, and story editor Ken Pettus; all veterans of Battlestar Galactica.