The Acorn: June 2, 2005
by Sophia Fischer


GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN — La Dee Da antique shop owner Karen Crane, left, plays dress-up with gal pals clothier/ actress Anne Lockhart, center, singer Lynn Anderson and Lynn’s Pomeranian, Pipi Le Peu. Anne’s vintage clothing is now available at La Dee Da in the Agoura Hills Whizin’s Center


Karen Crane, Anne Lockhart & Lynn Anderson


When Anne Lockhart walked through the door of Karen Crane’s Agoura Road antique shop, La Dee Da, the two women began talking and discovered they had much in common.

Besides being partial to vintage and antique items, both are the daughters of 1960’s television icons. Lockhart’s mother, June Lockhart, played the mother in two popular TV series, Lassie and Lost in Space. Crane’s father, Bob Crane, starred in Hogan’s Heroes. Both actors knew each other, according to Karen Crane.

“Anne and I just clicked,” Crane said. “We’re two dysfunctional, spoiled celebrity kids.” Last November, Lockhart and Crane began a partnership that is benefiting La Dee Da customers.

When not working as an actress, Lockhart renews vintage clothing and sells it in Crane’s antique shop under the name AnnieRags. It’s the first time Crane has sold antique clothing in her store and so far she says it’s been successful. Not only do shoppers not have to go into Los Angeles for vintage wear, but the clothing is unique and cannot be found elsewhere.

“Everywhere else, you buy vintage ‘as is.’ Anne hand dyes everything in really neat colors like raspberries and tangerines,” Crane said.

“You can’t get that anywhere else.” Lockhart mixes dyes until she finds a color she likes. She then applies the tints to the beaded cardigan sweaters and shells, jeans, dresses, jackets, blouses, hats, shoes and purses that she purchases on her business travels to different parts of the country. The colors range from deep purples and rich lavenders to pale pinks and blues.

“I get so excited when I find something that needs a little t.l.c. and a little color to bring it back to life,” said Lockhart, who studied art. “It’s wearable history.” Lockhart has loved vintage clothing since she was a teenager.

She recalls her first vintage piece purchased from a Sunset Blvd. shop when she was about 13—a silk and velvet flapper dress with gold lamé from the 1920s that she wore until it fell apart.

“I’ve loved costumes all my life.

I suppose it has to do with the line of work I’m in,” said Lockhart, referring to her acting career.

Lockhart looks for well-constructed designs that show quality workmanship. A former wedding gown that Lockhart found had a large water stain and was discolored. After she gently washed it in her bathtub, the gown came out a pale, creamy peach.

“You look at it and wonder who wore it and were they happy,” said Lockhart, who often spends evenings in her kitchen or laundry room heating and mixing dyes in six gallon buckets, rubber gloves on her hands. “It looks like a laboratory.” To go with Lockhart’s line of clothing, Crane is carrying costume jewelry replicas of jewelry worn by celebrities during the 1920s and ’30s. Each piece comes with a history of who wore it and when.

“Between the clothing and jewelry, it ties into my background,” said Crane, who also sells iron garden items, fire screens, marble-top tables and chandeliers. “Being able to incorporate that Hollywood aspect into my shop really hits home.”