Season 13, Episode 19
Date: 3/171965


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Directed by: Tay Garnett

Starring: June Lockhart, June (Lizabeth) Lockhart jr., Kathy Garver, Sean McClory

Anne's Character: Child

Genre: Drama / Western

Plot Summary: Proud but tattered Dorita Duncan, a 12-year-old street waif, attracts the interest of Ina Coolbrith, a spinster librarian. She recognizes talent and driving ambition but a lack of polish and restraint in the child. She tries to encourage Dorita in her reading and plumbs a latent writing ability. Under the candid childlike scrutiny of Dorita, Ina confesses a long, lost love, symbolized by a gold locket that is only half a heart. At a poetry recital featuring her friend, the flamboyant poet, Joaquin Miller, Miss Coolbrith believes Dorita has stolen her locket. Dorita, denying it, flees in tears. When Ina discovers the truth, that Dorita also has a locket given to her by her father, Ina's long-lost love, she follows her to make amends.

Notes: Except for the series Lassie,, this is Anne's first television appearance. She and her sister play bully to the girl Dorita, who is later befriended by June Lockhart's character. Dorita is played by Kathy Garver. Anne and Kathy both did voice work for the television cartoon Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.