Season 20, Episode 3 (Episode 463)
Date: 9/30/1973

aka: Fire on Kelly Island


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Directed by: Robert Clouse

Starring: Andrew Duggan, Larry Wilcox, Noam Pitlik, Ted Hartley

Anne's Character: Karen Jorgenson

Genre: Drama / Family

Plot Summary: Phil Mallory is a bored forest watcher on Kelly Mountain. Although he knows he must stay in his tower to look for other fires, Phil longs to fight fires. Not far away, a major fire is burning, and a crew of other Forest Service workers are fighting it. When lightning strikes near Phil's station and starts a small fire, he goes out to investigate.

Notes: Anne starred next to Larry Wilcox again 6 years later in the CHiPs episode "Return of the Supercycle" (Season 3, Episode 7)