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This site focuses on the person who is Anne Lockhart. While the majority of fans who come to this site will be looking for the tough as nails (but still feminine) character Sheba from Battlestar Galactica, they will be surprised to find out that she is so much more than that.

Here you will find out her roots in the industry as a fourth generation performer. You will follow her acting career from her first performance in motion pictures at age four to a (mostly) current listing of her voice work and other acting roles including work onscreen and theatre. You will learn about her struggles in life, such as her apartment burning down and her daughter leaving the nest and going off to college. You will follow her along in life with interviews, articles, and pictures throughout her career. You will also find her scheduled appearances and charity work.

One thing that you will not find explicitly on this site, but can be reassured, is that she is as sweet, loving, and wonderful person offscreen as the characters she portrays onscreen.



Hi all,

My family and I send Happiness and Love to all this Joyous Season. We are grateful for the blessings we've had this past year and are excitedly looking forward to 2008.

I've been busy with lots of voice work, some great stage work and a couple of independent films. (updates should be posted soon!) We also moved this year (yikes!) so I've spent every spare minute painting, carpeting and trying to find things in boxes. We love our new house and it's been a fun project for me and the kids to get it together.

I am wishing much joy and good health, happiness and prosperity to you and your families. Try and remember to take the time to listen and enjoy all of your relatives when you are together for holiday dinner, especially the elder ones. They are gold.

Love to you all and have a great 2008!




December 31, 2008: Updated Appearances

June 1, 2008: Updated Appearances

December 22, 2007: Added new message from Anne and updated her Filmography.

April 28, 2007: Some new appearances were added and her résumé was completed again.

March 15, 2007: Anne has sent us an update of her latest films and the greeting above to be added to the website.

December 20, 2006: Several newspaper articles were add to the media section, including some really remarkable ones from 1958/1959 when little 4 year old Anne Lockhart starred on T is for Tumbleweed. Many thanks go out again to Eric Paddon for providing the articles. Also three new b/w photos were add to the gallery.

September 10, 2006: Several photos were add to the gallery. Some b/w and color photos were provided to us by Eric Paddon. Anne Lockhart also send in some of her photos from various series like Buck Rogers, B.J. & the Bear and JAG. A photo of the last Battlestar: Galactica Convention (Burbank) was added, courtesy of Matt Beals at GenreFans.com.


Anne Lockhart


August 31, 2006: Anne Lockhart has sent us a list of her Rodeo Awards. It is add to the "rodeos" section.

August 7, 2006: Descriptions, photos and audio were added for Anne Lockhart's first appearence on Murder, She Wrote (in the pilot), Project UFO and The Magician (for the last two special thanks goes out to Eric Paddon for providing us copies). Also a description for Othello and two photos were add. Anne provided us with some private photos. Among them this one of her, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and her son Zane.


Anne Lockhart, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anne's son Zane

Anne Lockhart, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anne's son Zane


July 21, 2006: Mary Wernke provided a copy of Anne Lockhart's article in the May 1979 issue of Young N Lovin' Teen and gave her own account plus photos of the Space Con 6 convention (July 15-17, 1983) at Holiday Inn, Eastgate in Cincinnati. Both can be found in the media section in interviews. The first is called "Anne Lockhart", the other is added at the end of the already existing article called "Anne Lockhart: From Battlestar Galactica to Knight Rider". Thanks Mary for this great add!

Some new b/w photos were add to the gallery and Anne gave us an update of her latest parts. We have a feature film called Revamped to look forward to. She plays the part of "Celeste" in this. Until then you can check her out on stage until August 6 in Othello as "Emilia" (see "Appearances" below).

July 12, 2006: After many requests from fans and a lot of positive feedback we're finally opening up Anne Lockhart's official website! Here you will also find future updates, so keep checking back.



Please keep in mind that although Anne has every intention of attending every event posted here, sometimes situations arise out of her control that would prevent her from participating.


Anne Lockhart will again be in the Tournament Of Roses Parade on New Years Day 2009. Their group is 'The Sons and Daughters of The REEL West.' and are early on this year, #5 in lineup. This means that we will hit the network cameras 12 minutes into the parade (hopefully before the cut to the 1st commercial!) Anyone who's not too bleary eyed on New Year's morning and cares to see 'Sheba' pilot a horse down Colorado Blvd. might want to check it out!



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