Season 2, Episode 6
Date: 10/16/1977



Directed by: Joseph Pevney

Starring: Shaun Cassidy, Parker Stevenson, Edmund Gilbert

Anne's Character: Sarah Masters

Genre: Family / Mystery

Plot Summary: Fenton and the boys are in Kenya, Africa investigating widespread poaching at a wildlife preserve at the Safari. The people there suspect that a fellow named Trevor Masters (Stuart Whitman) is a game killer and they first meet up with his daughter Sarah (Anne Lockhart) at an african dancing convention. Then they stay at Trevor and Sarah's home to find more proof of the going's on. Frank and Joe discover a picture they took of a dead elephant and it's tusks are missing and show it to the people in charge of the Safari which and go to the area where they took the pic and the dead elephant disappears then they hear a gunshot which created a stampede of animals which is one clue leading to another as they find trails of a tractor tires then find the tractor in the Masters' barn and find the elephants tusks' but still the boys try to help Trevor out by finding who the real killer is as they suspect that it was a set up, and find out that he has a heart condition and apparently only has a year to live which was one of the reason's for his strange behavior.

Notes: This is Anne’s first appearance in The Hardy Boys Mysteries. She also appeared in “The Last Kiss of Summer”, Season 3 Episode 1 and 2.

This series was created by Glen A. Larson, had music by Stu Phillips, cinematography by Ben Colman, was produced by Michael Sloan and directing by Vince Edwards on some of the episodes. All of them later worked on Battlestar Galactica again. Even some of the gueststars later became Battlestar Galactica cast: Lorne Greene (Com. Adama), Rick Springfield (Zac), Maren Jensen (Lt. Athena), Ray Milland (Sire Uri), Ana Alica (Aurora), Lloyd Bochner (Com. Leiter), Dan O'Herlihy (Dr. Ravishol), Ken Swoffort (Gen. Maxwell) and Eric Server (Dipper) all starred in both series.

Anne's mother June guest starred in "Dangerous Waters", Season 3 Episode 5