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Response to Questions 01/18/2008

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Anne Lockhart
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2008 7:21 pm    Post subject: Response to Questions 01/18/2008 Reply with quote

If there had been a second season, and if you had creative control of Sheba's character, what would you have envisioned for her post Hand Of God?

I was a contracted studio/network actress and I would never have expected to have any creative control, but I did have some wonderful meetings with Don Bellisario (who was at the time our supervising producer) toward the end of the season, during which we discussed the future of Sheba. I very much appreciated his interest in my input on Sheba and was sorry we never had another season to explore her. Don Bellisario however remained a good friend and I had many creative collaborations with him post-Galactica. I think he's one of the best creative writer/producers we've seen in television in the last 30 years.

re: Sheba: I would have hoped to explore and overcome her social/personal awkwardness and immaturity, in contrast to her military persona, of which she was in complete control. Relationship-wise, Sheba was totally inept which made her vulnerability such a gift to play as an actress. I loved the moments when she was thrown off-balance and unable to cover with 'warrior' personality. Her relationship with Apollo I always felt was the first time she'd ever had any real connection with any man other than her father. A wealth of stuff to explore there! Also, Sheba was uncomfortable with women, having had no strong female presence while growing up. She was like a distrusting child discovering the support and joy of girlfriends. So much I would have like to pursue with this character. Would be fun to come back to her now as a woman as opposed to a girl searching for an identity!

I've never seen you do much in the way of comedy other than a Steve Martin special on commercials, I think it was. Is that more by choice, or is it more a case of any kind of "typecasting" that came as a result of doing shows like Galactica etc.?

My very first work on stage was comedic. As I began to get TV work, it was all dramatic. I got into the minds of casting directors and producers as a dramatic actress so precious few opportunities to play comedy came my way. Steve Martin cast me in his 'All Commercials' special in 1980 ,and another subsequent one. Both were pilots which didn't sell, however as a result of these two shows, I was put under contract to NBC for development of a comedy series. (Long story; network head Fred Silverman was shortly thereafter out of a job and I sat around until my contract option expired.) As for Steve Martin, when he hired me, I hugged him gratefully and thanked him for finally being the first person in town who figured out I was funny.

Couldn't seem to get much comedy work in the ensuing years, but I was always grateful for the work I did get. I have been especially satisfied playing some of Shakespeare's funniest ladies on stage. MARIA in 'Twelfth Night' and MISTRESS QUICKLY (such a wack job!) in 'The Merry Wives of Windsor' are 2 of my favorites.

Would you ever consider doing a remake of A Christmas Carol, doing the part your grandmother did back in the Reginald Owen version?

I have had the very great pleasure to play the role of 'Mrs. Cratchit' on stage from 1997 to 2006 in Santa Susana Repertory Company's yearly production of 'A CHRISTMAS CAROL' in Thousand Oaks, CA. I thought of my beautiful grandmother every night as I waited in the wings to make my first entrance. I also performed several years with my daughter and son as my Cratchit children, making four generations of the Lockhart family who've played Cratchits from 1938 to 2006!!! Can you imagine my delight?? Some show-biz history, eh?
As far as an updated film version, I doubt the 1938 MGM version can be bettered, but I'd be willing to discuss any project.

Have you, or would you ever like to do, any of the plays from Classical times? Aeschylus, Euripedes, Sophocles, etc. I can see you doing a totally dynamite Clytemnestra. (Or is that solonite?)

Never done any ancients but yes, Clymenestra is a favorite. Not many productions of those pieces these days.I thoroughly love doing Shakespeare. Loved doing Maria in '12th Night' and Quickly in 'Merry Wives'. Queen Margaret (Richard III), Quickly & Queen of France in 'Henry V' were a blast. I actually had one wonderful performance of 'HV' when we had a missing Alice (maid). I filled in (after having played 'Quickly' at the beginning in the beautifully moving scene after Falstaff's death) and played all the missing actress' maid scenes as mother/Queen (in FRENCH yet! With 1 day's notice!) and somehow managed to turn the wooing scene into a fall in the aisles comedy at the end of this very serious play about war and conquest! I'm sure Shakespeare never meant it that way, but it sure worked and the audience loved it! My other 2 favorite roles are 'Nurse' in R&J and most especially 'Emilia' in OTHELLO. Have a (not so) secret desire to sink my teeth into Lady M. Maybe someday!

From Joel Owens, Hello from west Texas, Anne and best wishes for a wonderful holiday season! Can you tell us more about your involvement with Autism research and other charities? Also, is your family doing any current acting/voice work with "Frontier Texas" in Abilene?

Thanks for asking, Joel. I have been involved with The Autism Treatment Centers of Texas for years. Check out My family and I have been participating in The Roundup for Autism for nearly 20 years and it's a cause so close to our hearts. Since you are a TX resident perhaps you might like to come down to Dallas for the next Roundup in Sept. 2008. check out for further updates.

My father-in-law Buck Taylor provided voice-over and holographic (I think) images for Frontier Texas in Abeline. Haven't seen the exhibit, but I know it's a favorite. To date, I do not know of any other family members who will be a part of Frontier Texas. If you are planning to be in the Fort Worth area in the next couple of weeks, Buck has a booth at the Stock Show and will be there for entire show. Check out . He'll be signing autographs and prints of his artwork and visiting with folks. Stop by if you are in town and tell him I sent you! He's also on TV this week in 'Comanche Moon' miniseries.

I am expecting to be in Abeline, TX second weekend of February 2008 (barring any TV work) for the Big Country Celebrity Quail Hunt benefitting Disability Resources. Please check for details. DRI is my other favorite charity and I've been committed for years. They are a fabulous organization. It's a fun hunt and I especially enjoy being able to hunt with my 16 year old son Zane, who's a MUCH better shot than I am. He always seems to best mom on the bird count at the end of the day!
Not sure what part of West TX you live in, but if you're anywhere near, try and come to DRI Quail Hunt. They have a fun dinner and auction. Would enjoy saying hello. I also work for Boy's Ranch and have participated / performed at their Cowboy Poetry gathering several times.

Hope I've answered some of your questions. Ask more! I'll do my best to answer. Be patient as I'm traveling much and can't always get to a computer.

May every one of you have a blessed and happy 2008. We're in some weird times, so save your money even if it's only $11.00 a week, OK?!! And PLEASE all of you (US residents) if you have not done so already, REGISTER TO VOTE! And then VOTE! Vote in your primaries and in the general elections. Not my business who you choose to support, but our future and our children's future is the business of ALL of us! Make your voice heard. Every vote counts.

God Bless,
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