The Independent, Long Beach, CA: July 6, 1972
by Vernon Scott


The genesis of the Lockharts of show business began in the last century in the wilds of the north country.

The patriarch was the late John Coates Lockhart, whose claim to fame was his magnificent voice which was the best in the Grand Kilties Band of Canada.

Destiny, however, singled out Gene Lockhart to the theater where he prospered and married Kathleen. Hollywood beckoned and thence they trekked, where both distinguished themselves on the screen.

In time Gene and Kathleen begat June Lockhart. Following the family tradition, June became an actress of great note in motion pictures and television.

While the Grand Kilties Band of Canada overlooked old John Coates Lockhart's granddaughter, television did not. June played the mother on Lassie for six years in addition to being a regular on Petticoat Junction and the memorable Lost in Space series.

It came to pass that June married one Dr. John F. Maloney of New York City. They begat daughters Anne and June Elizabeth. Time passed. The Maloneys were divorced.

But the blood of old John Coates Lockhart courses through the veins (and arteries) of little Anne Lockhart, now 18 years old.

As her mother before her, Anne has not been summoned by the Grand Kilties Band of Canada. But she has appeared on stage with her maternal parent in 40 Carats, playing her mother's daughter.

Now the two will be seen in a television movie, Honeymoon Suite. It is Anne's debut for the camera and another step in the tradition of the Lockhart dynasty.

"My sister, Junie, is 16 and wants to become and actress, too," said Anne, a beautiful child who looks strikingly like her mother.

There is even a resemblance to grandfather Gene and, perhaps, a suggestion of ancestor John Coates Lockhart.

Would Anne continue the beautiful child who looks family tradition should she bear children?

"I'd like to have my youngsters go into show business," said Anne, "but I would leave it up to them."

It was suggested she should seek out a husband with the surname of Lockhart as a means of carrying on the name.

"I don't think so," Anne said. Her true last name is, of course, Maloney. Anyway, she is not searching for a mate and begetting offspring is not foremost in her mind.