Year: 2000

aka: Rapid Transit


Directed by: Jean Pellerin

Starring: Roy Scheider, Ted McGinley, Ken Olandt, Ursula Brooks

Anne's Character: Mrs. Warner

Genre: Drama / Thriller

Plot Summary: Dillan Johansen (Ted McGinley) is a disorganized transit authority supervisor suffering from a serious personal tragedy. His boss, the stern-yet-kindly Stan Marshall (Roy Scheider), is understanding and has a lot of faith in the younger man. That faith -and Dillan's bravery- are put to the test the day a major earthquake hits Los Angeles and traps Dillan in an underground tunnel with a handful of subway riders. Dillan works underground to save the panicked citizens from raging fire, rushing water, and a secret cache of toxic chemicals hidden by a corrupt assistant mayor who is now topside trying to get Stan to lure the now-witnesses to the toxins so their deaths might keep his secret a secret.