Season 1, Episode 20
Date: 2/14/1980


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Directed by: David G. Phinney

Starring: Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Tim O'Connor, Felix Silla

Anne's Character: Jennifer / Leila Markeson

Genre: Science Fiction

Plot Summary: Buck Rogers is haunted by the appearance of a young woman (Anne Lockhart) who bears more than a striking resemblance to Jennifer, the woman he left behind when he was propelled into the 25th century. When he follows the beautiful look-alike, he discovers that there is someone who is willing to manipulate Buck’s painful past in order to conquer the future.

Notes: Anne plays two characters: Jennifer, who was Buck Roger's love interest before his fateful NASA mission, and Leila Markeson, a woman in the future given "molecular surgery" in order to impersonate Jennifer. Coincidentally, she was also Glen Larson's first choice for the love interest of Apollo, who was the star of Battlestar Galactica.