Season 1, Episode 17
Date: 1/28/1979


Anne Lockhart as Lt. Sheba

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Directed by: Rod Holcomb

Starring: Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene, Herb Jefferson jr., Fred Astaire

Anne's Character: Lt. Sheba

Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure

Plot Summary: An old con man, Chameleon, is running from a trio of bloodthirsty Borellians when he meets Starbuck. To gain refuge on the Galactica, he convinces Starbuck that he is his long-lost father. He is brought on board to confirm the story, and the Borellians get on board by joining the Viper pilot training program. The Borellians are captured and put on board the Prison Barge, and Chameleon admits to his con and leaves. Cassiopea tells him that he really is Starbuck's father, but no one ever tells.

Notes: An annoying fumble occurs in the direction, when we see Sheba in the scene where she pilots the shuttle. She talks, gestures with her hands and even looks away while she flies. This looks ridiculous. Sheba, you are grounded until you learn to keep your eyes on the road and your hands firmly on the wheel!