Season 1, Episode 12 - 13
Date: 11/26/1978 - 12/3/1978


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Directed by: Vince Edwards

Starring: Richard Hatch, Dirk Benedict, Lorne Greene, Lloyd Bridges

Anne's Character: Lt. Sheba

Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure

Plot Summary: Apollo and Starbuck, while on patrol, encounter the supposedly lost Battlestar Pegasus, commanded by the living legend, Commander Cain. Cain insists that the two battlestars join forces to crush the Cylon Empire, or more notably, the planet Gamoray to begin with. Adama, however, fears that the Cylons may attack the unprotected fleet while the battlestars are away. Cain takes steps to assure his plans, and is relieved of duty. The Cylons do attack the fleet (with 3 Base Stars), and the Pegasus is pulled out to surprise the Cylons. This works, and the fleet is saved. Then they launch a surprise attack on Gamoray while the Pegasus takes on the three Base Stars. The Galactica obtains fuel from Gamoray, but the Pegasus disappears after destroying two of the Cylon ships. Baltar, on board the third, narrowly escapes, and no one is sure whether the Pegasus is destroyed, or has headed back out to the stars.

Notes: Anne was first approached by Glen Larson for this series with an early pilot script to play a love interest for Apollo. Anne refused the part, because the character was too weak. Glen Larson then wrote her a new part, a much stronger character and again a love interest for Apollo (since Serina had died) halfway through the series.