Year: 1994 (Telefilm)


Anne Lockhart as Carolyn MacNamara

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Directed by: Steve Stafford

Starring: Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner, Richard Anderson

Anne's Character: Carolyn MacNamara

Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi

Plot Summary: Steve Austin and Jaime Summers are about to get married. However, before they can something is happening to Jaime; it seems like her bionics are failing and no one knows what's wrong with her. It seems that someone has been doing something to her, who and why? At the same time an old friend of Steve's is being held prisoner by some terrorists and Steve, needing to take his mind of Jaime, offers to go and help. Steve has the same virus implanted by his OSI partner, and becomes captured with the rest of the hostages. Jaime is cured, and comes to the rescue. She breaks Steve and the rest of the hostages out, and she and Steve defeat the terrorists. The show ends with the wedding of Jaime and Steve.