Anne Kathleen Maloney was born September 6, 1953, in New York, to parents June Lockhart and Dr. John Maloney. She was raised in Brentwood, California. Anne is a fourth generation performer. Her great grandfather, John Coates Lockhart, was a professional concert singer, and was once in the 48th Highlanders' regimental band as well as the Kilties Band in Canada. Her grandfather, Gene Lockhart and grandmother, Kathleen Lockhart both acted as well. They appeared together along with her mother June Lockhart in the original 1938 MGM classic, A Christmas Carol. Her mother is most well known from the television series Lassie and Lost in Space.

Anne Lockhart's career started at a very young age. Her first work was at age four, when she starred in T is for Tumbleweed. This short subject film was nominated for an academy award. She spent time with her mother around the set, where she would learn about the workings of the business. She even appeared in several episodes of Lassie. She had no doubts that she wanted to follow in her family's footsteps.


Anne Lockhart as Dora

Anne Lockhart as "Dora" in Jory


Her first movie was "Dora" in Jory in 1972. At age 18, she played the daughter of Joan Crawford in 1972 television series The Sixth Sense. It was Joan's last acting appearance. A popular rumor is that Anne turned down the role of "Laurie Strode" in John Carpenter's 1978 thriller Halloween, which was later cast for Jamie Lee Curtis. Mr. Carpenter says that he wanted her for the role, but that she turned it down. Anne does not remember being being contacted by John Carpenter, nor being offered the role. It is possible that one of her agents turned it down on her behalf without telling her.

She was initially chosen by Glen Larson, who sent her a very preliminary script, for a role in the 1978 television series Battlestar Galactica. She rejected the role initially, as the character wasn't that strong. Later, Glen wrote a new part just for her, with a much stronger character named "Sheba". After reading the first 25 pages of the script "The Living Legend", she accepted immediately. The show ran for one season.


Anne Lockhart as Lt. Sheba and Richard Hatch as Capt. Apollo

Anne Lockhart as "Lt. Sheba" and Richard Hatch as "Capt. Apollo" in Battlestar Galactica


She was a favourite of Glen Larson, and appeared in many of his other television series including The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, B.J. and the Bear, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (where she played two characters, "Jennifer/Leila Markeson"), The Fall Guy, Knight Rider and Airwolf. She did two episodes of Magnum P.I.: in one episode she plays the younger version of her moms character, in the other she plays a younger version of herself.

She reunited with Noah Hathaway (who played "Boxey" in Battlestar Galactica) in the movie Troll (1986), which also included her mother (June turns into Anne during the movie). She reunited with Donald Bellisario (Battlestar Galactica's producer and writer) in episodes of Airwolf, Quantum Leap and JAG. Anne worked again with Dirk Benedict (who played "Starbuck" in Battlestar Galactica) as "Sylvie" in his movie Cahoots (2001) which she also co-produced. They also worked together on War of the Worlds, which Anne produced and won a REP Award for "Best Production of a Drama" (1998). She appeared as the sister of another Battlestar Galactica alumni, Jane Seymour (who played "Serina") in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

She starred with Desi Arnaz Jr. (son of Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball), Melanie Griffith and Robert Carradine in the movie Joyride (1977), and co-starred with Michael Moriarty in the horror movie The Dark Tower (1987).


Anne Lockhart as Cindy Young

Anne Lockhart as "Cindy Young" in Joyride


She appeared with Star Trek actors George Takei (Sulu) and James Doohan (Scotty), as well as Randy Quaid in the monster spoof Bug Busters (1998).

Most recently, she played "Miss Connors" in the 2004 movie Big Chuck, Little Chuck.

Anne's other notable film work include Slashed Dreams, Just Tell Me You Love Me, Young Warriors, E.T., Risky Business, The Oasis, A Dog's Tale, Daybreak and Disconnected. Her other notable television credits include Happy Days, Barnaby Jones, Emergency, Police Story, CHiPs, The Incredible Hulk, Voyagers, Murder, She Wrote, New Love American Style, Simon & Simon, Walker, Texas Ranger and L.A. Heat.

Anne has also done hundreds of commercials, including multiple spots for Crest Toothpaste, Hi Point Coffee, Shoney's, and McDonalds. She was also spokeswoman for KFC, Osco and Savon drugstores, as well as Acme, Skaggs, Star, and Buttery markets. Other commercials include Campbell's Soup, Joy Dishwashing Liquid, Polaroid Film, 7 UP, Folger's, Hertz and Embassy Suites.

In 1986 she married assistant director Adam C. Taylor, the son of actor Buck Taylor (Gunsmoke), and grandson of actor Dub Taylor. They had two children, Carly and Zane. Adam died in an accident in 1994.

Anne is an expert horsewoman. She was won championships in cutting, reining, team penning, and barrel racing. In 1983, she helped found Pro-Celebrity Rodeos, a children's charity that has raised over 5 million dollars.


Anne Lockhart as Mrs. Cratchit

Anne Lockhart as "Mrs. Cratchit" in the theatrical version of A Christmas Carol


She is highly in demand providing voice work, having done over 100 television shows and movies. The movies include The Fifth Element, Starship Troopers, Back to the Future I and II, Antz, Prince of Egypt, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Predator II, Project X (where she impersonates chimps), The Rocketeer, The Three Musketeers, Lethal Weapon 3, Scenes From a Mall and Turner and Hooch and she recently did voice work for the new Disney animation Chicken Little. Television voicework include West Wing, the 2003 series Dragnet, The Cosby Mysteries, Diagnosis Murder, Goldie Gold, Spider Man and His Amazing Friends and Thundarr the Barbarian.

She currently lives in Southern California. Most of her time is now spent with family, doing voice work, and raising money for her children's charity though rodeos and convention appearances. Anne's daughter has just started college, and she feels the loss of a child leaving the nest. She appears regularly with the Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival in Thousand Oaks, California, which she helped found in the 1990's as well as with the Santa Susana Repertore Theatre Company. She has said that she loves live acting, and really enjoys doing Shakespeare. Some of her favourite roles were "Mrs. Cratchit" in A Christmas Carol, "Calpurnia" in Julius Caesar, "the Nurse" in Romeo and Juliet, "Mistress Quickly" in The Merry Wives of Windsor, and "Queen Margaret" in King Richard III.



In 1997, Lane Davies (who acted in such series as Santa Barbara and General Hospital) approached Anne Lockhart to pitch an idea. He wanted to bring free live Shakespeare to the Thousand Oaks area. Before then, the closest Shakespeare festival was in Los Angeles. Anne agreed to help him get started behind the scenes, never intending to act.

They worked to form a collaboration between the Santa Susana Repertory Theatre Company (which Lane founded) and the Drama Department at California Lutheran University. They produced the first Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival in Kingsmen Park on the campus of California Lutheran University. The first Festival featured a three weekend run of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Due to the success of that first Festival, the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company was formed as a non-profit organization. The KSC holds special contracts with Actors Equity Association and is a member of the Shakespeare Theatre Association of America. The Company was slightly modified later to charge for adults, in order to pay the costs of the production, although it is still free to children 18 and under.

They also developed a program to go into schools to educate and entertain the kids about Shakespeare. They send in union professional actors and do an entire day of seminars. They also teach them fencing, writing sonnets, and acting. Although similar such groups go into high schools, Anne is extremely proud that they start even younger and also go into middle schools.


Anne Lockhart as the Queen of France

Anne Lockhart as "the Queen of France" in Henry V


In 2003, Lane told Anne that they needed an actress to play the part of "Calpurnia" in Julius Caesar. Anne begged off, saying that "I can't do that. I just fly spaceships", referring to her role as "Sheba" in Battlestar Galactica. Lane twisted her arm and she finally agreed to go in, but only to read for the director. Anne got the part and immediately found that she loved it. A new experience opened up for her. She went on to appear in productions as "Mistress Quickly" and "the Queen of France" in Henry V, "Mistress Quickly" in The Merry Wives of Windsor, "Maria" in Twelfth Night, "the Nurse" in Romeo and Juliet, and "Queen Margaret" in King Richard III.

When asked what made live acting so special, she replied "It's wonderful because it's different every night. Some nights the audience will get some jokes, and other nights they don't get them. Your timing is different, and something different happens with just a little fine adjustment that might happen with an actor. Live theatre is terrific. There's nothing like it."


Anne Lockhart as Queen Margaret

Anne Lockhart as "Queen Margaret" in Richard III


The Kingsmen Shakespeare Company also offers 3-4 week Shakespeare summer camps for children aged 8 to 16, for a variety of skill levels. There is a beginners acting camp that teaches through improvisation, voice and movement. The advanced acting camp explores advanced acting techniques, including improvisation, stage combat and scene study. The beginners Shakespeare camp introduced the exciting world, writing, and theatre of William Shakespeare. They rehearse and perform some of the Bard's most famous work. There is a an advanced Shakespeare camp that provides advanced students with the opportunity to hone their acting skills and to perform an abridged version of a Shakespeare play. There is also a specialized musical theatre workshop that focuses on all aspects of musical theatre including vocal technique, auditioning, and performance.

All of the camps end with the students performing a live production.

To find out more about the Kingsmen Shakespeare Company, including more information and schedules for upcoming festivals, performances, summer camps, and workshops, please visit their official website at: Kingsmen Shakespeare Company website